Effortless analysis of your qPCR data

Reliable results at your fingertips

It’s essential to evaluate the quality of post-qPCR data and to discard data points that don’t meet the predefined criteria prior to drawing conclusions. That’s why qbase+ offers several types of quality control.

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reliable results
With the default settings in qbase+, even your mom can analyze your qPCR data
It’s easy to get started

With qbase+ you and your team can start with qPCR data analysis without having to know all the underlying calculations. That means anyone on your team can step in and analyze qPCR data when needed.

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keep it simple
A qbase+ subscription brings true return on investment: you spend less budget on qPCR repeats and less time on data normalization
Increase your team’s efficiency to save time & money

Delegate qPCR data quality control and normalization to your team with confidence!
qbase+ is packed with built-in expert knowledge on data normalization, annotation, and storage.

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